Destination wedding swimwear-how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type

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If you are going to marry or honeymoon hot somewhere, there's a decent chance you packing a swimsuit. There are some great styles out there now, but it is important to remember that not every style works on every body type. Like everything else in fashion, finding a great swimsuit is all about working with what you have! Read on to see which one you look thinner and get some tips on picking a swimsuit to flatter your body type.
If you are in the shape of a Banana
You have a thin body, Athletic Department, without much curve? You're a banana-lucky you! Banana-shaped gals can pull off a lot of different styles. If you want to create the illusion of curves more, go with a horizontal lines and choose a fund with links to the side. These tricks will create the illusion of broader hips and curves. If you have a small bust, showing with pride in a cute bikini or triangle top or pull out the big guns and get yourself a push-up bikini top. We won't tell.
If you are Apple shaped
Apple-shaped ladies have larger breasts and half-sections and smaller bottoms. The key to finding a great swimsuit for your body-shaped Apple focuses on your assets. The Apple-shaped women have often beautiful legs and split enough to make most of us jealous. So, my friends Apple-shaped, have a high cut bikini to show off her legs and a halter or triangle bikini top to show your girls. If you're shopping for one-pieces, try something with two different models on the top and bottom, which creates the appearance of a life defined. If you prefer more coverage, a monoblock with ruching works well to belittle your belly.
Whether you're pear-shaped
Pear-shaped ladies are all hips and booty with there isn't much to balance out up top. Accordingly, you may feel more comfortable with more coverage around your nether regions. In this case, a fund will provide excellent tipper skirted or coverage while still showing your sexy curves. Try pairing a dark colored background with a bright, attractive top that will make your upper and lower bodies look more balanced.
If you're an hourglass-shaped
Hourglass-shaped gals are blessed with a large bust and booty and a well-defined life. You luck gals sinuous accentuate your fundraising bods sexy Brazilian bikini Halter tops and inspired. If you're looking to minimize your body, vertical stripes for Taming the curves and give a look of booty-licious. If you're an hourglass Petita, choose a bikini with a high cut leg to create the illusion of longer legs.
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