A wedding at the Wychwood barns

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There are two beautiful aspects of Kate Minsky and Jesse Brown’s wedding that stand out from the rest: the presence of light and the large number of children included in the celebration.

Kate and Jesse wanted their wedding to have a neighborhood feeling so they chose Wychwood Barns as their venue — a former TTC streetcar repair barn that’s been transformed into a multifaceted community centre that includes artists’ residences and a weekly farmer’s market. One of the most striking features of the Barns is the amount of natural light that fills the space, bringing the outdoors inside.

Meanwhile, when it came to the celebration itself, Kate and Jesse included all of their nieces, nephews and friends’ children in the festivities. “It just didn’t feel right to exclude them,” says Kate. “They’re our friends, too.”

And now there’s one more child to add to the guest list for the next Minsky/Brown event: the couple’s son, Isaac.


Photography By: Storey Wilkins

Dress designer: Nicole Miller

Shoes: Kate Spade

Catering:  The Stockyards

Jesse’s suit: Green Shag (custom made)

the Band: we hired David Dunlap


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