New trends from the Royal Wedding

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Finally the day that we all waited for a long time came. The Royal Wedding! Without doubt, was a day that will go down in history. Even days later, there will be many things that we will not be able to forget. Some of the most memorable things about the Royal marriage are the new trends that came with it. Below are 5 new trends from the Royal marriage.

(1) A gown with sleeves

The moment Kate stepped in front of the cameras on his big day, all eyes went on his shirt. And everyone liked what they saw. While the most popular fashion trends for wedding dresses is strapless or sleeveless, Kate has opted for an elegant and a modest wedding dress with sleeves. Unlike extremely gaudy clothes that brides opt for, her dress was unassuming and divine. It says that her attire resemble more to Grace Kellys. The lace on the sleeves gave an elegant and sophisticated look for the dress, while the gaze of train apparel made simple yet elegant look.

(2) the veil

Her veil was made with ivory silk tulle and dazzling hand with flowers made by Royal School of needlework. Was perfectly preserved in place with the use of the tiara. In "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", is an old concept traditionally followed by some brides. Kate Middleton kept up the tradition, wearing a tiara in the form of a beautiful Halo, lent to her by the Queen.

(3) hair do

Kate showed us that less is more with its elegant style, hair. Unlike the hair completely rolled excessively decorated and hair-dos that are very ' in ' for brides, Kate preferred to let his beautiful tresses down. She kept her hair-not very natural, and yet seemed very classy. His hair was not a simple "demi-bun" made by her favorite person, James Pryce from his favorite Show, Richard Ward of Chelsea in London.

(4) earrings

The pair of earrings that the young Duchess wore this event Royal was carefully studded with diamonds that peered out through the design of oak leaves beautifully stylized in the shape. They consisted of a nice pear shaped drop set.  Earrings he also had a diamond pavĂ© set Acorn that was engraved in the Center. The unique design was inspired by Kate's family coat of arms that had acorns and oak leaves.

Finally, there is no clear formula to look real. Kate proved this, by the way he walked and brought to herself. She would look real but in any event, even if it weren't for the beautiful clothing.

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