New tips for wedding dress collection

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How to make the conservation of beautiful wedding gown? It is not a simple question. Here we give some tips for you.

Save on wedding gown shop professional

Weeks before the wedding that you need to start looking for the place clean wedding dress. You can ask family, friends, bridal salon staff, or just listen to the recommendations of your wedding planner, you can also access networking business channel about love, in the vicinity of your house cleaning experts to find an outfit. While many dry cleaners say they clean the dress, but most are not. Unless an annual cleaning hundreds of pieces of dry cleaning a habit, you can see how a professional qualified clothing store.

Wedding gown cleaning method: hand wash

Some dress shop in the use of wet cleaning technology is a method of hand mild detergent. This will clean the stains off clear and champagne, sugar and similar and other blemishes invisible. If not addressed, those who will not see the stains and oxidation and fading over time in ugly yellow. Some shop uses a more traditional technology, which must be processed on the stain before it was washing clothes in the washing machine. Also, regarding the selection of detergents, the use of PCE or oil-based cleanser is a good choice, although oil-based cleaning solvents on the stain thoroughly of PCE, but its oil-rich nature to nurture some of the fabric, making them shiny.

Wedding package: the best materials are paper and fabric

Wedding packages, certainly can influence the material life of dress. Most experts recommend that you do not save plastic dress dress package, because it can cause permanent creases and gas together to absorb moisture, making clothes and mouldy. Expert wedding gown preservation of Love knot believe that the quality of white paper or fabric thin wire copy foreign press are the ideal packaging material. However, acid containing fabric General dress gradually disappears, we must be careful not to use colored tissue paper, because if not careful, your clothes wet window will be colored.


Many experts have suggested dressing in a PH value of acid-free box in the Save as neutral, for example, to dress and to adapt to changes in the paper tray temperature solid perspiring. Some have observed the hole, you can not open the box and see the dress. If you look at the box with holes, then the cellulose acetate products, packaging materials more suitable for plastic. Please note that the box should be kept in a cool, dark, because the light turns yellow on the fabric of time. Some other stores used in Las made by Keluo Pu box, this new type of plastic is very durable.

Choice of materials according to suit different seals

Some stores gown that the seal can save insects and parasites isolation outside the box, while others believe that if the dress has been packed correctly, the seal is not required. If you really need to open the box, tap the dress, although not to wear white gloves, but also ensure that your hands are clean, so as to ensure that the dress will not see your hands with oil and yellow. Many brides want shoes and accessories jewelry with the dress of a class with the preservation, conservation dress experts believe that some of these elements can emit odours and damage to the garment. But some experts believe that if these items being cleaned and packaged individually, is stored along with the dress.

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