Wedding traditions: what do you mean?

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You have been to many weddings and are planning your own! As you prepare for your big day, you may wonder why Western brides do the things you do during the ceremony and reception. Where these traditions come? And because we make them?
Bridal Garter
Second eye catching creations, in ancient times, the groom's friends would toss the Garter on his nose, and anyone who successfully landed the Garter it would next to marry. Wedding guests would also try to help the bride off her clothes and trying to reach the Garter for good luck. My goodness, that he thought about this? Although removing the Garter during these days you can get a bit risque ', you're not happy we're no longer getting the Garter the old-fashioned way?
Aisle Runner
A runner nave was used for two purposes. Before the roads were paved, the bride, who did not want to get the outfit, chose to walk over a runner. Another reason is more spiritual. It was believed that walking along a runner would have protected the bride from evil spirits. In some cultures, it symbolized the presence of God at the ceremony.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
This tradition started in Victorian times, with each element representing a token of good luck. ' Something old ' symbolizes the bride's connection to its past. ' Something new ' represents the bride's future life with her new husband. ' Something Borrowed ' is an item from a married friend or a relative, which symbolizes the passing along of good luck from one spouse to another. And represents the ' something blue ' love, modesty and loyalty. How interesting!
Tossing the Bouquet
It was believed that the bouquets contained herbs that would bring good luck to the bride. In ancient times, the bride would pass the bouquet to a dear friend, and good fortune would pass along. Now, the person who catches and is believed to be the woman next to marry. That is why people sometimes avoid throwing of the bouquet? J
Wedding ring finger
Because the third finger of the left hand, all other fingers? It was believed that the wedding ring should be worn there because the vein in the left ring finger was connected directly to the heart, which was a symbol of love.
Planning assignment
Determine which of these traditions follow for your ceremony. Is your day, and then choose what ever you like! Happy planning!
Brenna Taylor you are planning weddings, special events and conferences for several years. She combines her love for event planning, particularly weddings, with its nearly 18 years of experience in business, project management to assist customers in planning important events of their lives.
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