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There is a lot of technical terminology in the world of digital photography. Bridal couples, who want to know more about what to ask about their wedding photographers, can find all kinds of confusion. When it comes to specifying formats sometimes a little knowledge is worse than none. This is especially the case when it comes to raw materials. You may have heard from a friend photographer that RAW is the best format to use, but really want to have your wedding photos delivered in RAW format? Let's take a closer look at what it means really RAW.

What is the RAW format? (a basic guide for non-photographer!)
RAW is a format that is available on all digital cameras to professional level and nowadays many serious amateur cameras. It provides an original image. The name gives a clue to the characteristics of the image ... This is really a raw image. Is an uncompressed format, without loss of quality that is obtained from compressed formats such as JPEG and how. Needs to be worked on or converted to another format before it can be printed or displayed without the dedicated software.

Who uses raw materials?
Most professional photographers using the RAW format for all of their photographs. And gives them flexibility and allows them to have the best quality for all of their images. Almost all professional photographers these days to work on their pictures to a greater or lesser extent, in Photoshop or other programs of digital imaging. Once they have finished working on the RAW image will be converted to another format to the required size and resolution for printing or electronically reproducing. Passionate amateur photographers will also RAW for the same reasons.

Should I ask my wedding photographers to provide me with RAW images?
In a Word, no. This would be like asking for your wedding caterers to provide raw materials for the reception. Much of modern photographers craft is in post-production. He or she needs a big eye and knowledge of the technique of taking the photo, but also adds a huge amount for the mood and feel of the image with the work that goes into the picture later. If you're not a professional digital imaging yourself, RAW images are of no use.

So what should I ask?
Discuss the options with wedding photographers. Create the right size, formats and resolutions for a variety of uses. Typically you might want a CD of images to display as a slideshow of pictures to send electronically to friends and family and a selection of the best images for printing. As long as you are clear on what you want to use for the wedding photos, the photographer will be able to provide the appropriate formats.
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