Wedding on a budget?

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Here are some tips to save money on your wedding.
Tips Home
If you choose to have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, you save money. If your marriage needs to be a Saturday, choose a date of low season (January-April). Reduce costs through the selection of a place where the ceremony, the photo and the reception can take place in a single location. Many hotels have a courtyard perfect for a wedding. One of my clients did just that, and it was a huge success.
Cake Tips
You might consider that serves your wedding cake as the main dessert after dinner. Instead of paying for a dessert from your caterer, opt-out and use the cake so that all guests can enjoy creating gorgeous wedding cake.
When you choose a cake as your main dessert, consider having a smaller cake (perhaps a level three smaller) and replacing the remaining portions with sheet cakes, which are held in the kitchen. Sheet cakes are the same as the pie root, except that they lack the decorations on the wedding cake. In this way all of your guests will receive a delicious slice of wedding cake. Another one of my clients did this, his mother did all the sweets with the help of his friends.
Consider the design of the pie that you choose. Most wedding cakes are placed in front of the head table in front of all guests. Choose a design that gives you the look you want from the front with design elements easier, cheaper in the back; nobody even notice and you will save a lot of money this way!
Flower tips
Flowers are always beautiful, but silk flowers are much easier. See where it can compromise. Delete all the flowers for the ceremony. If your wedding is held in a church, synagogue or outside in a beautiful garden space really does not need to be adorned with flowers.
Another suggestion, splurge on your scent and skimp on your waitresses bride. They won't even notice that you can save money and spend on gifts of small Brides Maid. Go with flowers that are in season. Roses, hydrangeas and orchids & (use sparingly!) some with lots of babies breath seems nice. Throughout the year; Tulips and Amaryllis from December to April, peonies in June, sunflowers and coneflowers midsummer and colorful hydrangeas and dahlias local in autumn.
Bad month for local flowers are September to November-there is not much available in Canada, then in wedding, orchids are the best solution at this time. The United States will have much more variety, depending on your location.
Photography tips
If you have your heart set on hiring a photographer get only what you need. Decide on what is most important: shots of the ceremony, family portraits or Candid pics of you and your new spouse, make this your focus.
Plan your day and estimate how much time do you think this will take you. If you decide that it will take five hours, work with your photographer to come up with a package of five hours. If you are interested in only a DVD of high resolution images, you are free to print it yourself, then hire a photographer who provides this as a stand-alone service. That will save you money. A client spent a lot of money for a photographer that she could have used elsewhere. This is a matter of money.
Ask if they offer a payment plan under which the money can be paid in installments. Having to pay a lot of money all at once the budget can really hit hard, so having the ability to pay for a period of time could be economically friendly.
Call Tips
Put your ceremony and reception of information on Royal invitation, this eliminates the traditional Greeting Card saves money and trees.
Or in this age of social media, do not mail out invitations. Instead of use a wedding website (there are some nice free ones) or one can be created for you at very reasonable costs.
Communicate information about your blog. Instead of sending postcards to distinct directions for mail, you can list specific locations for your positions and installations on your Web site. Google maps are a true blessing for out of town relatives. If you have a weekend long celebration, list all daily activities on your website instead of using additional cards with an invitation.
Images can be shared on your blog, by all. Comments can be shared and best wishes. The blog can be a simple site pg 3 or an elaborate celebration of the marriage with social media like Facebook and Twitter to share with everyone, friends and relatives worldwide.
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