Sparkle and shine for summer weddings

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Summer weddings tend to be quite relaxed, but that is no reason why they cannot yet be fabulous! A great way to give your wedding style is with crystals, metallic and other elements that glitter. These are some cool ways to use sparkle and brilliance to bring summer to your marriage life.
Of course the most natural place for introducing sparkle is the wedding jewelry. The bride can choose a delicate crystal station necklace that you feel enough light for the summer, while being very glittering. A nice idea for gifts to bridesmaid jewelry pendants or earrings is a reason summer made Swarovski Crystal. Bridesmaid jewelry craft, made with Crystal starfish, sand dollars seashells or be fabulous gifts for assistants to a summer wedding.
Bouquets and centrepieces is another place to bring some shimmer to your summer wedding. Create simple yet elegant wedding centerpieces dipping stalks lime green orchids in higher cylinders. Anchor flowers in beds of aqua blue crystals at the bottom of pots. The combination of the colors Blue and green take to the waves of the ocean, while also catching the light crystals. This is a great idea for a summer wedding outdoors, where the sunlight is bouncing the crystals, but it also works beautifully for a wedding in the evening with lots of candlelight. Spray thread of blue crystals themselves in a bouquet of white flowers to give the bride a fabulous twinkle, while also getting her "something blue".
Metallic shades are another great way to give some luster to a summer wedding. Silver tends to work particularly well, and works as a neutral tone that can be used for any accent color palette. Could be a simple as the bride wears Sandals silver instead of white bridal shoes or tying the bouquet with a Ribbon silver organza. For a wedding with contemporary, gleaming aluminum pots with a modern form would be splendid ships centerpieces. Are an excellent alternative to plain glass jars and reflect the colors in the room.
Metallic gold or brass are also wonderful for weddings during the summer. They are especially appropriate when used in a sophisticated nautical motif. Photos of brass buttons on a blue blazer worn a yacht club for your inspiration. A golden anchor or why it would be very stylish node for a celebration at sea. Paired with crisp white Navy and pure for the ultimate combination of classic colors. Rich Golden hue can also be used to create a Grecian. Gold ankle wrap sandals and glittering gold Bridal jewelry will be stunning when paired with a white chiffon gown on a bride with a light summer Tan. Gold charger plates under settings in place at the wedding reception and display flowers in burnished gold urns for a wonderful effect.
Marriage is definitely an opportunity to shine! With a small Crystal, glitter or metallic detailing, you can give your wedding awesome sparkle that needs without ever appearing too formal for a summer holiday. Is the perfect balance of style and wedding season.
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