A night to remember: how to make your reception an unforgettable

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Photograph of a wedding reception. What comes to mind? Beautiful floral compositions around the bride, a three-tiered white cakes, classical music, playing as a snack on nuts and mints. While there is nothing wrong in a marriage like this, it is simply not very exciting. Most of us want our marriage to be memorable. We want it to be a customized to adapt to us. Here are some tips on how to make your reception an event that no one will forget.
Let your guests know you and your spouse. Post pictures of the two of you as children. Fill up your menu with your favorite foods or significant, whether or not these are the "traditional" wedding. Make a buffet with labels, telling everyone that this is a favorite food, either because this food is important to you. Have the best man MC a game trivia on all two of you. Give prizes. This can be a fun way to tell stories the bride and groom.
Make your wedding dress special to you. If a traditional white wedding dress is what you want, then great! But if white is not your color better, there is no reason he cannot wear a different color. It can also be cheaper to get a suit, if it is not intended to be a wedding dress. Alternatively, you can see if your MOM or grandmother has kept their gowns. This can be a very poignant about include family ceremony. If they no longer have their way of dressing, or does not fit, you could try to borrow a necklace or PIN that is special to them.
RSVP tab, have a place for participants to write some songs that would have on dance play list. Of course, you can have the last word on music, but you are more likely to have a dance floor packed, whether you're playing music that everyone loves. Alternatively, you can hire live music. Placing an ad on campus is a great way to get affordable musicians, since students will not charge you as much as professionals.
Customize your cake. The usual white cake is fine, but there are many other options out there. There are bakeries around the country that specialize in making beautiful cakes with unique atmosphere. Try to look through galleries of cakes on-line for ideas.
Along with a regular photographer, see if you can find an artist to capture some scenes in water color or pastels. Posing for scenes can be a fun activity to pass the time in receptions and these paintings will be a priceless reminder for you and your spouse.
Whatever you decide to make your wedding reception, do not be afraid to have fun with it. This is your day, and this is the time to celebrate.
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