Marriage and your love life-how to stay connected as your big day approaches

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June is just around the corner, which means one thing ... the wedding season is almost here!
For most brides, this year marks the final push of wedding planning. By confirming last minute details, final dress fitting, seating charts and additions, the weeks leading to a marriage can be filled with stress, overwhelm and anticipation. During this time, many brides find themselves balancing work, marriage problems and time relationship and romance is often pushed to the back burner.
Don't let this happen in your relationship. Just because you're always feeling stressed and married does not mean that the passion in your relationship has run out for the next few weeks. Paying attention to your love life now will make your wedding day more meaningful. After all, marriage is all about taking your relationship at a deeper level, and entering it as a relative unknown who haven't spent much time together the last few weeks is not the best idea.
Below are some tips to stay logged in as your wedding day approaches. Implement them every day and allow yourself to have fun together.
Praise: stay tuned in all things that you like and love about your partner and share one thing every day. For example, if your fianc always makes you coffee in the morning, let them know how to appreciate this behavior. If you have a great sense of humor, tell them you love their sense of humor. Focusing on their positive features will remind you why they fell in love first, which will create more excitement for the new life you're going to build together.
Set clear limits: remember that there is a time to plan and a time to relax. As overwhelmed as they are at this moment, must learn to set boundaries and take a break from planning. This can be as simple as to eat dinner together 3 nights a week, having a Date night out once a week, or spend a Saturday morning spoiled in bed. Find what works for you, schedule it and stick to it. Do not talk when marriage is supposed to be focused on the relationship. Instead of focusing on your relationship and your life outside of marriage. Enjoy the company of others.
Do something unexpected: make an effort to surprise your partner on a regular basis. Leave a note for them in the morning, send a text romantic during the day, go to their Office for lunch or pick their favorite movie after work. No matter how small it is action, not surprising that your partner will make them feel loved and cherished, leading the two of you and closer.
Remember, the day of your wedding will be one day, your wedding will last a lifetime. Stay focused on the love that the two of you share as the big day approaches and your wedding day will be filled with passion, joy and love.
Best wishes!
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  1. i have been married for some quite time. but i find your blog very interesting. I forgotten some it already. I think it is a wake call for me and my husband..thanks.

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