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As a professional DJ, I see all kinds of marriages and a wide variety of things that couples do to customize their special day. A DJ professional should be able to help put the ' WOW ' factor in your grand entrance at your wedding reception. Unfortunately there are many DJs out there who don't put the effort in this important reception kick off.
There are many different things you can do to make special your grand entrance. Your DJ and MC should help out about 5-10 minutes before getting your wedding party lined up outside the entrance to ensure that everyone is in a row and introduced in the right order. Most venues will have a staff member at the front door, and to help with the opening and closing of the door during the great entrance.
Now you have to start thinking about what you want to do for your grand entrance. Fun, introduction of up-beat is very popular and puts a fun, positive mood to kick off at the reception. In music there are many options, it is first necessary to decide whether you're a song for everyone ", a song by the wedding party and a song for you, or a separate song for everyone in the wedding party.
When you choose a song, there are many popular songs that are used frequently, but if it is possible to choose something that fits your personality and tastes you will add even more personality and uniqueness to your wedding day special. Black Eyed Peas have three big hits that have become very popular for Grand entrances which are: I Gotta Feeling, time and let's get started. Some other popular song choices include Pink-Get The Party Started, Europe-The Final Countdown, 2 Unlimited-Get Ready For this, Jennifer Lopez-"Let's Get Loud, Beyonce-Crazy In Love, Right Said Fred-" I'm Too Sexy, Reel 2 Reel-I Like to move ItLMFAO-Rock Party anthem and many others.
In addition to do something fun and upbeat music, you also need to be your DJ or MC to clearly announce the names of wedding party and create some additional emotion around the introductions. Still want to do more to improve your big entrance? You can add lighting as well, anything from a simple light spot on the entrance to a follow, intelligent moving head lights are programmed for a Hollywood lighting effect research around the room, led wall lights make room also have more of a "WOW factor". There are also many special effects, ranging from low, fog, dry ice, Fireworks, confetti, flare shows and much more available. In addition to music and lighting, is specialty entertainment can also be used as a bagpiper, belly dancers, dancers ethnic or steel drums to bring spouses or the party in the room.
There are many things you can do to kick off your wedding reception in a fun, upbeat and I'm sure you see how this can create the mood for your party special. It is best to consult with DJs and what are the options and if they have any additional suggestions. Of course, can also come to the budget when it comes to adding additional options outside of the music and introductions. I hope this helped you in your wedding planning.
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