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A major responsibility has taught to someone who has held courses in wedding planner or plan to take courses of wedding planner is the planning of food throughout the event. In many cultures, marriage is more than one deal a day usually consisting of 4-5 days including bridal showers, parties, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding, reception or other parties.
The food involved in these areas is the responsibility of planners of marriage. Is not an easy task as the options are so much and the planner needs to be creative with limited budget and budget cuts last minute when preparing food for a number of people. As he taught when planners take wedding planner courses, the first step would be to go through a list of preferred options of kitchens with customers. The wedding planner would also need to discuss whether clients preferred kitchens like this on all the days of celebration, or different styles, or perhaps even different food stations on the same day in an event. For example, a wedding planner can have a theme of Geisha in bachelorette party and serve only Japanese cuisine; wedding rehearsals could be staged as an Indian wedding, Indian food and serve.
For another example, celibacy might have Middle Eastern belly dancers and serve food in the Middle East and nargileh or a bridal shower might be in the form of a pool party with food style barbeque. Or, in the same location for a wedding reception, different food stations can offer different varieties of food and kitchens. There could be a stand for burgers and fries that attracts younger guests of the wedding and on the other hand there could be a Chinese buffet. Of course, all the options and selections are also budgets of customers and location where the wedding festivities. For example, would probably not be easy to find that a lot of Sushi places if the marriage is taking place in the Middle East.
Similarly, in a cold climate, like in Canada would not be a good idea to serve cold Pina Colada and clients and event planners may want to stick with soups, etc.; For this type of information is obviously in the planning of a wedding is not necessary, however, clients and wedding planner would be able to see that for themselves.
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