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The Royal marriage was right on trend regarding the flowers were concerned. Instead of an array of expensive greenhouse flowers lining the nave, at the Cathedral of Westminster, an avenue of trees live transformed him into a Bower of greenery. Green in either sense of the word, as in those trees would be planted as a lasting tribute to the day and a positive contribution to the environment.

Many modern brides are eco-friendly wedding planning with an eye to minimizing the environmental impact of their special day. The choice of flowers and vegetation can make a big difference. Hot house flowers have a heavy carbon footprint: not only they tend to be out-of-season blooms, but require a lot of energy to produce. Often they are imported from other countries too, with all the energy costs of long-distance transport added.

Green Weddings tend to focus on seasonal, locally grown flowers. These can be cultivated without the need of greenhouses and are much more respectful. Of course in the spring and summer there is a choice by far the largest seasonal flowers, but also winter weddings can be creative with seasonal flowers, using the local manifestations of twigs and berries, Ivies and delicate flowers as winter jasmine. Seasonal flowers can be sourced from family and friends with gardens too, especially when working on a budget. Many wedding florists are happy to work with a combination of purchased flowers and garden flowers which have a personal note and bond with the family.

Year-round, live plants, however, a wonderful wedding decor. Indigenous trees of sources from a local nursery. There are many who specialize on ready for planting large trees growing in containers. Consult with your wedding florist on how to embed your trees in the Interior. They could be used as background for other seasonal floral flowers or replace entirely, perhaps to be decorated with white lights.

The great thing about trees is that after the ceremony are not just thrown away like most cut flower decorations. They can be planted as a permanent reminder of that special day. If you do not have a yard big enough for planting large trees, could be donated to a local school, a local tree planting project or the Park, giving a positive contribution to local communities as well as help the environment.

Things to remember when using trees as decoration of wedding:
Season -when you choose your trees, keep in mind the season when your wedding takes place. Can choose trees and shrubs in summer for a winter wedding. Deciduous trees that look lush and green in summer will have abandoned their leaves and be all winter twigs and branches.
Size -check the height of your trees against the doors and access of your wedding venue. Trees that seem quite moderate in size, open spaces are often to be huge once they get inside, while many people discover with their Christmas trees!
Those who plant them -after your marriage will be off on honeymoon. The trees will need to be taken away from the wedding venue, watered and cared for and planted out eventually. If they are not immediately to be donated to a tree-planting charity or school, you must arrange for someone to take care of them for you.

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