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It is often said that the day of marriage is all about the bride. There is a simple reason for this, the bride is almost always more work. It is due to tradition or propensity, women tend to make the most of wedding planning. Their number one priority, of course, is the dress. While the groom-to-be must be mounted only to a tuxedo, the bride must find the perfect dress and numerous accessories.

On average, you will begin shopping for her dress, nine to twelve months before her big day. And, as soon as it finds it, she will begin shopping for accessories. Collectively, these extras can be as expensive as the actual dress. Take a moment to review the most popular Bridal Accessories.

The veil

The veil is a fashion accessory outdated in the West. Women do not wear almost never, unless you are a funeral or the bride at a wedding. There is something about the tradition of raising the veil and kiss the bride that sets more female hearts to flutter. No matter that the veils can be quite expensive. The cost of this traditional accessory begins approximately a hundred dollars.

Choosing a veil often depends on the formality of the event. For a highly formal marriage, the indoors most of the brides choose a veil of longer, more elaborate that falls to the elbows or below. These veils are generally made from tulle and have more than one layer. Veli formal popular include the elbow, the tip of his finger, the Chapel and the veil of the Cathedral. These styles can cost up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and generally worn only at formal Affairs.

As wedding costs continue to rise, couples are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the easiest ways to cut the proverbial fat is to go with Bridal Accessories simpler, more informal. When a couple plans a wedding outdoors on grass or sand, sometimes can save a few hundred dollars on alone. Veli short as fard are made with a single layer of fabric and are much cheaper than the styles mentioned above. Fall just below the Chin and can be used with almost any style of dress.


Most often, the shoes are the single most expensive bridal accessory. They are so important that brides often shop for them at the same time they shop for their clothes. Rarely is easy to find the perfect pair of shoes. First, there are over eighty major shades of white, a pair of shoes to match a particular dress can be a real chore. Fortunately, there are shoes that can be dyed to match almost any outfit. These shoes can dye-there are at most bridal boutiques and salons.

But at the end of the day, the color is a secondary concern. Brides sometimes forget that they will be walking and dancing in their Bridal Shoes all day. Therefore, they had better be comfortable. Otherwise, you could spend your wedding night with his feet soaking in Epsom salts.

Brides at weddings, informal or casual should always go with apartments or sandals. These styles are extremely comfortable and versatile. If you have to wear heels, make sure that it is a couple who have walked extensively before the wedding day. Women who have limited experience with heels should avoid more than two centimeters. These shoes can be very uncomfortable, even painful when worn for hours.

The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet might seem like a relatively unimportant, but rather a great day of marriage. It is with the bride, when she walks down the aisle. Then he handed the bridesmaid and her best friend recite her vows. Finally, it is thrown by the newly wedded bride to a group of single women at the wedding reception. The legend tells that the girl who catches the bouquet by the bride will be the next to marry.

For obvious reasons, the bride selects almost always the bridal bouquet. There are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes you choose flowers that correspond to the style or color of the dress. Other times she chooses a bouquet that is keeping with the theme of marriage or wedding colors. But many times, the bride goes simply with her favorite flowers. The choice is his friend. The price of these agreements, usually performed between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

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