Bridal Shower Decoration Tips for Party Planners

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Planning a bridal shower and you don't know where to begin? Well, after you establish the date, your next step is to determine where you are going to hold the shower and set the theme. Both the location and the theme will play an important role in determining your d├ęcor.


Select a location that can handle the guest list. For example, if you have 50 people attending, you may need to rent a hall or see if a local church would welcome your event. If it's a smaller guest list, you could hold it in a private home, maybe even on a pretty patio if the weather allows.

You also need to consider decorating the space when you select your location. A pretty patio may not need crepe paper, but you might want to incorporate a floral theme in keeping with what's in bloom outside. On the other extreme, a rented hall could really use some decorations to set the mood for the occasion. But if you decided to hold the shower in a restaurant, your decorations will be limited. Focus instead on name cards, favors and centerpieces for the tables.


The theme should reflect the bride's taste. Of course, if the shower is a surprise, you will have to depend on those who know her best to guide your decision. For example, the bride might like a couple's shower in which the groom and his friends are invited. In that case, establish a western theme and throw a barbecue. Or maybe the bride would prefer something elegant that creates a special occasion for her and the females in her life. If that's the case, go with some traditional, but fun, decorations to set the stage.

Some of the different themes you might want to build around include:

The season of the year. Is it a winter, fall, spring or summer wedding? Use that to decide what to emphasize with your decorations.

Honeymoon location. Is the couple headed to the beach? That is an easy theme with lots of decorating possibilities.

Does the bride want a Cinderella wedding? Lots of brides want just that kind of wedding, so there are lots of Cinderella-themed decorations.

Ethnic celebration. If the bride prides herself on her heritage, embrace that. For instance, some African-American brides to be might want to include the African wedding tradition of "jumping the broom." There are a host of miniature brooms with which to decorate the shower.


The purpose of a favor is to thank the guests for being part of the shower experience. It should be something small, but something that will remind the recipients of the bride and the lovely shower they attended. Little gift boxes, which come in a variety of styles, make useful favors as they can be used to store rings, buttons, safety pins and more. Also consider picture frames, cookie cutters and even candles.

The best favor will follow the theme of the shower. Not only are they a token of remembrance for the guests, but they will also help decorate the tables where the guests sit.

If the shower has a seasonal theme, you will find especially nice choices for fall and winter showers. Little metal pails (or buckets) decorated with pumpkins, scarecrows and other symbols of harvest are a great favor. Delight your guests when you fill them with nuts or mints. Your guests can use them again when it's time to decorate their Thanksgiving table. Each pail is about 3 inches high and 3¼ inches in diameter. For a winter shower, consider silver stars or snowflakes that your guests can hang on their trees.

If the shower has a western theme, check out Western cowboy signs with a vintage look. Each sign comes with a wire hanger and touts a business from the Old West: the Dry Gulch Saloon, Chuck Wagon restaurant, Tumbleweed Hotel or the Rodeo. Each sign is 4 inches wide by 2½ inches high. What a fun gift - especially if it's a co-ed shower.

Table Decorations

What you use to decorate the tables at the shower is a good place to incorporate the theme.

Going with the Cinderella theme? Little pewter Cinderella coaches hold the name cards at each place setting. How about little slipper candles or a clear slipper that holds a name card? There are even metal Cinderella pumpkin coaches to grace the table. Measuring 3½ inches, they come in gold or silver tones.

Going with a floral theme? If that's the case, you can incorporate calla lilies on place card holders, votive candle holders and even a guest and registry book. The shower will be all abloom.

Follows these steps and even the most novice party planner will be off to a good start.

Zack Spence is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, including products like bridal shower decorations.

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